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Top 7 Foods for Shrinking Fibroids Naturally – Without Surgery

Click here:’m 28 years old I don’t want go any surgery and I would like to use alternative medicine to cure my fibroids…I recently diagnosed with fibroids, my doctor suggest drugs and surgery. But I don’t like, plz help me any natural ways plzzzzzz…I have a uterine fibroid that’s 8cm in diameter, about the size of an orange. And getting pelvic pain, bloating, any natural to stop this terrible pain…I done surgery for my fibroids, but it arrive again. It hurts me a lot…Are you one of them…? Are you also facing those type of problems…Don`t worry…I am damn sure…After you watch this video, you complete RELAX yourself and Get GOOD WAY OUT for your Fibroids…Yes! You Get GOOD RELIEF…All the below Top 7 Foods are Fully PROVEN…Ok… Let`s see now:#7- Eat More Organic Foods:Always try to eat organic foods and avoid chemicals, overcooking and toxins foods…Eating organic foods helps to reduce the size of fibroids and prevent its growth…In organic foods give importance to cruciferous vegetables, it helps to detox liver and get rid of excess estrogens…#6 – Eat High Fiber Foods:High Fiber foods help to get rid of excess estrogens. Too much of estrogen causes uterus to grow excessively…Here are the Top 10 Ultimate High Fiber Foods:Dark leafy greens
Ground flaxseed
Swiss chard
Chia seeds
Whole Grains
Apples#5 – Drink Green TeaDrinking green tea helps to decrease the severity and reduce the size of fibroids…One recent study shows women who drink green tea reduces the growth and prevent the growth of new fibroids…#4 – Give Priority to Vitamin-D:One recent research shows deficient of vitamin D is one of the reason for getting fibroids in your body…Dr. Al-Hendy: Confirms vitamin D enhancement as a potential treatment for uterine fibroids…Here are the Top Foods Highest in Vitamin D:Salmon
Fortified milk
Caviar#3 – Detoxify Your Body:Your liver plays a vital role in hormonal balance…Liver problems will raise your estrogen levels and thus aggravate fibroid growth…So, eat more cruciferous vegetables and drink plenty of water regularly…Here are the 10 Best Foods for Instant Detox:Almonds
Broccoli#2 – Eat High in Estrogen (Phytoestrogens) Foods:Phytoestrogens block the estrogen receptors on the cells in fibroids…And also minimize, lower the risk of fibroids growth…Here are the Top Foods That Contain Phytoestrogens:Flaxseed
Textured veggie protein
Red clover
Whole grains#1 – What Not Eat?Now I show you what are the “Foods To Avoid With Fibroids On The Uterus”Here are the Top 10 Foods Cause Fibroids Grow:Saturated Fats
Red Meat
High-Fat Dairy Products
High Salted Foods
Overcooking Foods
Toxic Foods
Soy Products
High GI Foods
BeveragesSo, now you know Top 7 Foods for Shrinking Fibroids…But, above suggested foods are just gives temporary relief…If you want to Get Rid Of Your Fibroids Permanently…Then see “Fibroids Miracle” Program…It eliminates your fibroids with simple, researched 3-step system…Over 100,000+ women in 130+ countries have already used this program successfully…Thousands of women get rid their fibroids permanently, in just couple of days…Yes! It`s a very unique and powerful process to heal your fibroids naturally…If you really want to get rid of fibroids permanently, don`t waste even one minute…Just Click the Link Below and Start Your New Life Today!Click here:———————————————————-
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